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Strategic Plan: 2023-2026

"My grandfather used to say that once in your life you need a doctor, a lawyer, a policeman and a preacher but every day, three times a day, you need a farmer" - Brenda Schoepp

Audacious Africa is a Ugandan organisation set up to protect the environment (earth, water, air) from exploitation and pollution. Audacious Africa stands for sustainable and equitable utilisation of the environment. Our work advocates for bio-diversity maintenance. We champion sustainable and ecological farming practices that facilitate earth regeneration.

Our programmes and approaches are premised in regenerative and ecological practices that have been practiced and improved by women and local communities over time. We advocate for and support the production of diverse species and varieties of food, seeds, herbs, and trees free of toxic industrial chemical inputs.

Audacious Africa's mission is to deepen women and local communities understanding in power analysis of the structural and historical injustices underpinning environmental and food injustices. These injustices are at the heart of the systemic erasure of our food, knowledge systems and biodiversity loss

We build collective consciousness and agency with women and local communities to strengthen practice-based knowledge for regenerative systems through popular education, capacity building and training, local movement building, advocacy, recycling and re-use approaches, adaptation and innovation.

We leverage the power women and local communities hold, their cultural and historical knowledge on Ugandan food legacies, and curiosity to innovate and self-preserve. We apply the socio-ecological model of behavioural change ensuring that policy and politics work together with the populations to deal with effects of climate change and food hunger.

For the young people, Audacious Africa is a knowledge creation hub. We create literature to teach them, facilitate intergenerational learning, conduct school-based trainings that teach and train them about Uganda’s food systems and environment endowments. Food and nutrition security is a foundational factor for a society’s physical, emotional mental, spiritual and collective wholeness. “We are what we eat”. For women and local communities, ownership and access to food and seeds symbolises the agency that enables them to feed their families, to be happy and determine their future. The global move to control seeds and soil in puts are fundamental injustices part of the bigger threats to African food systems and her biodiversity coverage. Moreover, mono cropping and large industrial farming strategies are all part of ways local communities are being disenfranchise from ownership and influence over their food knowledge, and practice.

Audacious Africa is the voice, heart and feet with women and local communities to ensure African Food systems and biodiversity are protected and preserved.

“Join us / we have been waiting for you.”

website: https://www.audacious.africa

Email: audaciousafrica1@gmail.com

twitter: @AudaciousAfric

Tel: +256 782751416

Our Vision

Healthy people sustained by sustainable environment

The Mission

Build collective consciousness and agency with women and local communities to; strengthen practice based knowledge for regenerative systems- through popular education, capacity building and training, local movement building, advocacy, recycling and re-use approaches, adaptation and innovation. Literature development and sharing.

The / Strategic Focus

We envision women and local communities taking leadership for the promotion and preservation of indigenous foods and seeds systems

Key Activities

1. Mind-set change engagements, training and conversations in schools and communities on understanding Uganda’s food legacies, climate change and resilience, injustice, power, community activism

2. School based activities

3. Cross generational conversations to enable knowledge exchange from older generations to younger generations.

4. Strengthening community food and seed systems

5. Knowledge production and sharing. Food culinary books from all regions of Uganda.

6. Food symposiums

7. Advocacy campaigns

8. Art, sports festivals

9. Policy advocacy and influencing

10. Agro produce Value addition and livelihood projects

11. Recycling and art

12. Sustainable Villages Ebyalo for; cross cultural exchange, wellness retreat, cross learning, seed banks, quirt time to soak in Natures gifts of beaming suns, fresh air, bird sounds, cricket sounds and so much more.

13. Research on food and environment